Fishing licences

You can buy a fishing licence for a particular district 24/7 via the online fishing licence sales provider and at physical sales points Eventim* (only for certain licences).

*For processing the service, Eventim charges an additional fee of 1.5 EUR incl. VAT, which is not a revenue of our fishing family!

When you buy a fishing licence online or at an Eventim point of sale, we will reward you with an additional licence in case you decide to buy a package of 10 licences at the same time, which will be valid for the whole fishing season on the same pond for which you will buy a package of licences, or you will send 10 Eventim licences to our headquarters.

Type of fishing licence and prices (incl. VAT):
Daily Danube Salmon fishing for non-members – catch and take € 45
Non-member daily Danube Salmon fishing – catch and release € 25
Non-member daily predator fishing € 30
Daily fishing on running waters for non-members 25 €
Combined day and night fishing for non-members 25 €
Day fishing for pond or lake for non-members 15 €
Night fishing for pond or lake for non-members 15 €
Day fishing for spearfish for members – catch and take 30 €
Daily spearfishing for members – catch and release 10 €

Detailed price list and arrangements

***Note: Since March 2015, fishing with only one rod per fishing licence is allowed on the ponds, while fishing with two rods is allowed on the Plastenka pond, the Pristava-Mengeš lake and a certain route of the Gradiška lake, where a catch-and-release regime applies.