About us

The Domžale Fishing Family was established on June 20, 1954, in Domžale. In 1958, a merger occurred between the fishing families of Domžale, Kamnik, and Pšata, leading to a renaming as the Bistrica Domžale Fishing Family, headquartered in Domžale.

The fishing family manages the waters of the Bistrica Fishing District, covering areas in nine municipalities: Domžale, Mengeš, Trzin, Moravče, Lukovica, Kamnik, Komenda, Cerklje na Gorenjskem, and Dol pri Ljubljani. RD is among the larger fishing families in Slovenia, overseeing the waters of the entire Kamniška Bistrica basin from the source to the confluence with the Sava River and all its tributaries and artificial channels, encompassing almost 400 km of watercourses (breeding and fishing), 16 fishing ponds, and two lakes. Due to the extensive area it covers, it is divided into four major regions managed by subcommittees: Domžale, Kamnik, Moravče, and Pšata. In 2014, we celebrated our 60th anniversary.

RD Bistrica Domžale is an independent organization of members who join forces for the protection and breeding of fish, water and environmental conservation, and freshwater sport fishing. RD carries out tasks in the field of fishing tourism, youth angler education, and other duties prescribed in the RD Statute. If you decide to fish in our rivers, ponds, or lakes, feel free to ask us about fishing permits, prices, locations, allowed baits, and other important information for sport fishing.

You can find our contact information in the “Contacts” section. You can also email us at rd.bistricadomzale(at)gmail.com and ask anything you’re interested in. We’ll be happy to assist you. Sport fishermen of the Bistrica Domžale Fishing Family take pride in the continuous increase in the fish population in our fishing district, especially the native brown trout, which is highly popular in our waters, as well as other freshwater fish.

You will have a special opportunity, even if you are just a visitor, to experience our rivers and lakes. While enjoying the natural environment of the Kamnik Alps, you will likely witness the leap of a trout to a natural fly. If you sit by the pond, a carp might even tug on your float. Come and explore our hidden fishing spots. You’ll be thrilled. We guarantee it.